Civic Science Fellows Program Launches 2024-25 Cohort to Shape Science, Expand its Benefits and Horizons

May 6, 2024

The pioneering Civic Science Fellows program—designed to catalyze progress toward a future where all people can shape science to expand its benefits and horizons—welcomes more than 40 new and returning partner organizations, connecting diverse sectors and disciplines including journalism, scientific research, social sciences, medicine, communications, public engagement, and philanthropy.

About the Civic Science Fellows Program: Seeding Transformative Change to build a Culture of Civic Science

The Civic Science Fellows program is building a network of leaders working to advance change across sectors—so people from all backgrounds shape science and benefit from its power and promise. The program brings together an interdisciplinary network of journalists, bench and social scientists, community-facing practitioners, content creators, public-interest organizations, and funders to develop evidence-based, human-centered approaches to build meaningful collaboration between science and diverse communities. 

The 2024-25 Civic Science Fellows will work on projects addressing: ethical questions born from advances in neuroscience; the future of graduate education and the future of work; how race is applied and understood in the design of clinical algorithms and the assessments they inform; climate communication and action; and evidence-based approaches to communicating about science in polarized political environments, as well as many other emergent civic science issues.

Civic science goes beyond science outreach, co-creating a culture in which science is strengthened through evidence-based engagement with people across diverse issues and experiences, and scientists are equipped to anticipate and engage around the civic context of their work. Organized by the Rita Allen Foundation, the program is supported by a growing community of leaders and organizations who recognize that a culture of civic science will be key to solving the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.

The program, designed as a civic science lab, was established in 2020, with initial support from the Rita Allen Foundation, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The Kavli Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and David and Lucile Packard Foundation. In 2021, a second cohort launched with support from 35 funding and host partners.


2024­–25 Civic Science Fellows Program—Funding Partners

2024–25 Civic Science Fellows Program—Host Partners


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