The Civic Science Fellows program is in formation. We invite you to explore our website and the frequently asked questions below. If you have remaining questions or ideas, please contact us.

Why create a cohort of Civic Science Fellows?

Successfully navigating the challenges and opportunities of today—and tomorrow—will require partners from disparate areas of expertise and experience to come together in new ways. It will require widespread engagement with science and its societal context—what can be called a culture of civic science.

The Civic Science Fellowship program is designed to support cross-disciplinary thinkers to co-create civic science practice in partnership with diverse communities, institutions, scientific leaders, and audiences. It is intended to build leadership, influence networks, and foster collaboration among scientists, community members, media producers, educators, funders, and others to advance inclusive, productive learning and capacity-building in civic science.

Who are the Civic Science Fellows?

The inaugural cohort of Civic Science Fellows are diverse leaders—rising stars in science, media, education, social science, civic engagement, and other fields—spending one to two years experimenting with new evidence-based approaches in science communication and community engagement in order to co-create strong, diverse, and inclusive connections between science and civic life. Meet the 2020 Civic Science Fellows

How can I apply to become a Civic Science Fellow?

Positions for the 2021 Civic Science Fellows program have been filled.


The Civic Science Fellows program includes a cohort of full-time fellows embedded across a variety of institutions. As positions open for the 2021 cohort of Civic Science Fellow positions, they will be announced on the Civic Science Fellows website.

I would like a Civic Science Fellow at my organization—can I become a host?

The Civic Science Fellows program is in formation. If you are interested in learning more and exploring future partnership, we invite you to explore our website and connect with us.