Nate Jamaal Porter


Doris Duke Racial Equity in Clinical Equations Civic Science Fellow at the American Medical Student Association



Project focus: Doris Duke Racial Equity in Clinical Equations Civic Science Fellows will work to increase visibility and prioritization to develop a more rigorous approach to how race is applied and understood in the design of clinical algorithms and the assessments they inform. 

Nate was born in the East Bay, California and spent his early life with his mom and sister. He was fascinated by a high school anatomy class and went on to study Human Physiology at Gonzaga University. During his undergraduate studies, he tutored students, was a TA for anatomy lab, and a board member for the human physiology club. He also completed research in sports biomechanics. After graduating, Nate spent time exploring different careers in the medical field and was inspired to pursue medicine by a primary care physician in his hometown. Before starting medical school, he spent two years as a foster youth advocate and mentor working with youth from the same county which he was once a dependent of. Nate is currently in the M.D. program at Stanford University where he has worked on research in public health, psychiatry, and transplant surgery, as well as served as the recruitment chair with the goal of recruiting a more diverse class of students. He hopes to one day be a physician leader in his community and help bridge the racial and socioeconomic inequities that exist in our current healthcare system.