Catherine B. Cramer


CUNY Advanced Science Research Center Civic Science Fellow



Project focus: The Fellow will develop an ecosystem map that identifies the IlluminationSpace Hub’s critical partners/participants and their value propositions so the ASRC can design and implement a successful civic science model that can be scaled and reproduced by other public universities aiming to diversify and make STEM more accessible and inclusive.

Catherine Cramer works at the intersection of data-driven science and learning as it pertains to the understanding of complexity and its application to data and network sciences. She develops tools and programs for the teaching and learning of complex network and data science. Her research is focused on participatory design and its role in STEM engagement with underserved and marginalized communities. She is a founder of the Network Literacy and Network Science in Education movements, is on the Board of the Network Science Society, and is co-editor of the Springer volume Network Science in Education. Before coming to the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center she was Deputy Director of the West Big Data Innovation Hub and Director of Outreach and Engagement for Data Initiatives at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego.