Portrait of Alanna Kelly

Alanna Kelly


The Knowledge House Civic Science Fellow



Project focus: The Fellow will explore key learning questions to diversify and democratize the data science field and access to STEM education, supporting The Knowledge House in continuous efforts to ensure its programs bring cross-sector impact, empowering people from all backgrounds to shape science and benefit from its promise.

Alanna Kelly, a social scientist, workforce development specialist, and dedicated advocate for inclusive education, assumes the role of Manager of Strategic Initiatives at The Knowledge House. She has adeptly managed collaborative TechEd initiatives, providing invaluable strategic guidance, all driven by her unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for societal progress. Holding a B.A. in Sociology from Columbia University, her research examines the impact of modern technology on society including, forms of interaction and communication, possibilities for innovation, and re-configurations of social relationships, norms and labor markets.

Deeply committed to fostering socioeconomic equity through STEM education access, Alanna excels in collaboration, problem-solving, and forging meaningful partnerships. As a previous Coro Workforce System Leadership Fellow, she demonstrates a dedication to workforce development, translating research insights into impactful improvement initiatives for sustainable solutions aligned with the evolving world dynamics.

In her role as the Civic Science Fellow, Alanna will spearhead The Knowledge House’s investigation into key questions, aiming to diversify and democratize the tech sector. This endeavor aligns with the organization’s mission to empower underrepresented communities for tech careers, emphasizing the need to equip job trainees for the evolving tech landscape. Beyond her immediate responsibilities, she is passionately engaged in exploring how Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Teaching practices, and Compassionate Pedagogy for Neurodiversity can be seamlessly integrated to enhance programmatic outcomes for participants. This multifaceted approach reflects Alanna’s holistic commitment to driving positive change in both workforce development and educational practices.