Aaron Ellis


Open Environmental Data Project Civic Science Fellow



Project focus: The Fellow will focus on the open data and governance ecosystem, working collaboratively to identify and articulate new strategies for data usability, governance, and inclusiveness in practice. 

Aaron Ellis is an anthropologist and environmental data analyst with particular interests in food, water, and forestry. He is the Data Inclusion Specialist at the Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP), where he leverages his expertise in environmental data analysis, research, and stakeholder engagement to promote inclusivity, transparency, and equity in environmental governance. He fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, contributes to research projects, and leads initiatives to innovate and drive positive change in environmental data practices. Aaron has a Ph.D. in Anthropology with a concentration in Food Studies and substantial coursework in Information and Library Science from Indiana University. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College with a modified major that drew from anthropology, computer science, photography, and linguistics. His past research has focused on online citizen science within the Craft Beer Revolution, climate change’s impact on Midwestern maple syrup production, supporting efforts to maintain traditional manoomin (wild rice) harvesting knowledge in Northern Minnesota and creating foraging maps for local communities.