Civic Science Fellows Host Partner Expression of Interest

2024–25 Cohort

Note: for special hosting opportunities available in neuroscience and societyplease learn more and apply at this link. For a special hosting opportunity in neurobiology and changing ecosystems, please learn more and apply at this link. For applications in all other areas, please use the link below.

A network of partners is developing the Civic Science Fellows program to co-create pathways for people across society to shape science and benefit from its power and promise. The program embeds early-career leaders from diverse backgrounds in highly networked organizations. We seek to build new connections and structures so that science is an inclusive, accessible space for public problem-solving and discovery, and scientists are equipped to anticipate and engage around the civic context of their work.

The program focuses on anticipatory, emerging topics in science and technology, where there is large potential benefit in evidence-based civic science approaches, especially with communities underrepresented in science. Overall, with the 2024–25 cohort of Civic Science Fellows, we seek these results: 

Institutions being better equipped to facilitate engagement pertinent to issues we will face in the next decade and requiring fluency in public context and deliberation;

Leaders having new understanding and tools to help navigate challenges for broader benefits for science and civil society; and

A growing network of boundary-spanners prepared to navigate emerging civic science issues, with experience testing evidence-based approaches and sharing knowledge.

Organizations selected to serve as host partners receive support through grants and network connections to hire and host an early-career Fellow for 18 months. Together, along with support from the Civic Science Fellows program, host organizations and Civic Science Fellows shape projects around central learning questions of importance to the host organization and diverse communities. Fellows complete at least one substantial work project to share with a broader community addressing these questions.

During an 18-month Fellowship period, 12 months (March 2024–25) is a core cohort learning period, when Fellows will spend approximately 25 percent of their time on shared learning, professional development, and program networking opportunities; and 75 percent of their time working on the project co-designed with their host institution. The additional 6 months is dedicated to the Fellowship project.

If your organization is interested in hosting a Fellow in the 2024–25 Civic Science Fellows program, please complete this form by September 1, 2023. (Note that separate forms are available for hosting opportunities in neuroscience and society and neurobiology and changing ecosystems.)

Responses will be reviewed by members of our network, who will evaluate an organization’s fit with the program, and by funding partners supporting Civic Science Fellow positions. A limited number of opportunities for host partners are available for this innovative collaborative Fellowship model to accelerate learning, capacity, and institutional and systems change.

Learn more here about becoming a host partner in the 2024–25 Civic Science Fellows program, including special hosting opportunities in neurobiology and changing ecosystems, and neuroscience and society. If you have further questions, please reach out to