2020 Fellows & Partners

The overarching goal of the Civic Science Fellows Program is to co-create strong, diverse, and inclusive connections between science and civic life.

Science has never been more central to public life, or more disconnected. While we are in the midst of a scientific revolution, with rapid advances in biomedical science, technology, and environmental science—to name a few—we also see a troubling disregard of evidence in decision-making, gaps in access to the benefits and knowledge created by new science, and continual threats of reductions in public support for science.

For society to successfully navigate our enormous challenges and ensure extraordinary breakthroughs in science, health, and technology are available to all people, we need to connect science in society in fundamentally new ways.

We are co-creating the Civic Science Fellows program to invest in a cohort of leaders and foster new collaborations, allowing science and research to more meaningfully connect with diverse communities and our shared civic life.

Together, we work to realize a culture of civic science, where scientists have active roles as citizens, people from many walks of life access science as part of their decision-making processes, and the environment in which people communicate about science is an inclusive space for public problem solving, benefit, and discovery.

Host Partners

Civic Science Fellows are hosted by innovative institutions and networks working to forge civic science opportunities with diverse communities. They include media organizations, scientific societies, academic institutions, and philanthropies. Host partners work with Fellows so they may contribute as active participants in the intellectual life and work of these organizations.

Funding Partners

The partner funders of the Civic Science Fellows Program provide financial support for Civic Science Fellows and their host institutions, as well as expertise and network resources to help make these partnerships and related future efforts a success.